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  •  Multidimensional curriculum, well courses 
Our courses are include all the fields, satisfying students learning interesting cultivating their language ability and expecting students have contribution on Chinese learning. We also provide five elective courses include Classical Specialized Courses, Language and Application Courses, A Narrative Courses, Chinese Characters and Documents Courses and Chinese Teaching Courses. Students can choose any courses depend on their interest.

  •  Well teaching, teachers and students have great interaction 
Because the members in every class are not over fifty so every students have great interaction with the teachers and teachers are adequately with multimedia and interesting teaching like group discussion, presentation, speak Chinese free verse and drama performance. Through the interesting teaching, strengthen student’s ability.
  • Dependable and abundant learning 
Our department encourages our teachers to pursue further education and strengthen their learning ability. So that host the international conference, study group, workshop and conference seminar. We are going to engage fine teachers and attracting more students so we can look forward to the outstanding future.
  • Continuing our goal and cultivate students with great education 
We will stick to our doctrine furthermore in order to answer the government policy we will spend more time focusing on Taiwan. Fostering students develop the classical education ability or other ability so that answering our doctrine.
  • Broaden our vision and search into folk literature 
We not only focused on Chinese literature but folk literature. Graduate school of folk literature is establishing to provide people who have interesting in folk literature. The principal curriculums are hearsay literature and folk literature and art. We divided three major parts of research Chinese folk literature, Taiwan folk literature and comparative folk literature. We also divided research and teaching into two parts first is based on Chinese and Taiwan folk literature further emphasized ethnology, folklore, anthropology and sociology. Besides we are planning to give a folk literature introduction, Chinese folk drama, Chinese popular legend, Chinese folk tale, Chinese literature of prose and verse and Chinese folk custom and culture to college students.
  • Extra activities and career planning 
In addition to diversity curriculums, fine teaching, dependable research and well Chinese training ability, teachers will have office hour to talk to the student’s face to face, career planning speech, displaying student’s works and drama performance. We will have four kinds of activities. First, every semester we will hold three or four times of academic lecture. Inviting scholars to have a speech and promoting the students to get used to discussion and study. Second, talking to contemporary author and inspiring their writing creation. Third, holding study groups and lead students to the core of the human mind. Fourth, we invited experts or alumnus to talk about career plan and delivery their work experience. All the students are participate the activities with great enthusiasm.